Work tools for bakery and pizza professionals.


Wooden work tools for bakeries and pizzerias

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Work tools for bakery and pizza professionals.


Wooden work tools for bakeries and pizzerias



Since 1950, LINEA DORI 3000 SRL has been a reference for the design and creation of wooden work tools for bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants and the HORECA sector in general. The wood used for the production derives from sustainably managed forests only, so that the entire production process is eco-friendly. The manufacturing process is carried out without using glues or any other product that could be harmful in contact with food.

The certificate of conformity certifies the product line meant for oven use. The articles which are meant to come into contact with food are hand washable, thanks to the special treatment they are treated with. Dori production is granted by its registered authenticity trademark, laser-branded on each produced item. Linea Dori is a certified company ISO9001:2015 and GMP by Accredia.

Linea Dori is constantly updating its customer care service, trying to meet its clients’ needs by adopting aesthetic improvements, such as customisation, as well as functional ones.

At present, Linea Dori is a leading company in its sector and it is well-known all over the world, thanks to the high quality of its production, its continuous investment in international exhibitions and to the cooperation with universally-known magazines.

  • Wide range of work tools for bakeries and pizzerias.
  • Furniture for bakeries and pizzerias.
  • Work tools for bakery and pizza professionals.
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The fissures you may happen to see are not cracks. Our peels are composed of three sections that are pressure assembled thanks to steel nails, without using glues. It is therefore normal that fissures open to make the natural movement of the wood possible so as to prevent the peel from breaking easily. In order to restore it to its original form it is necessary to tap it gently to the floor, thus closing any fissure.
Of course it is, they are purposely called cutting boards. In addition, they are not harmful for the user’s health since the treatment they are given allows them to come into contact with food. The latter makes them more resistant and hand washable with water and soap or with an alcohol based sanitising solution.
No, but it is advisable to use a pizza cutter wheel, less likely to damage the cutting board.
No. Once they are consumed, we suggest that you change them. We can guarantee that their duration goes from 6 months to some years, as long as they are used by respecting the tips that are listed on the maintenance booklet we attach to each shipping.
Baking peels are only meant to put pizza into the oven and take it out. Under no circumstances should they be let inside the oven.
The only thing to do is to let them rest on the opposite side, not the one they usually rest on. It only takes one night to restore them to their initial form.
It depends on the place they are left after their usage. If they are placed on the oven or above heat and steam sources, they are more likely to crack. Moreover, it may depend on the way they are washed. As a matter of fact, our serving boards cannot be put into a dishwasher.



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